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Transfer Certificate

  • Parents should apply for Transfer Certificate in the prescribed form available at the school office.
  • Atleast one month’s notice should be given for the withdrawal of a student or one month’s fees should be deposited in lieu of that.
  • The application for the Transfer Certificate should be signed by the Father / Mother / Legal Guardian who had signed the Admission Form at the time of admission of the concerned student. All dues must be cleared before a Transfer Certificate is issued. No Transfer Certificate will be issued when a student is withdrawn without prior notice. Quarterly Fee Payment once made will not be refunded.
  • No fees, in any case, will be adjusted against the Security Deposit (if any).
  • The Security Deposit (if any) will only be refunded through Crossed Cheques. Cheques for the refund of Security Deposit shall only be drawn in favour of the Father, Mother or Legal Guardian of the students.
  • If the Security Deposit (if any) refund cheque is to be collected through a messenger, the Parent / Guardian shall issue an authorization letter in favour of the messenger.
  • The Security Deposit cheque must be collected from the Accounts Department within 15 days after the lapse of the one month notice period. If a parent does not collect the cheque within a period of 6 months, the cheque will be cancelled and the amount will be forfeited.
  • If a parent does not apply for refund of the Security Deposit within a period of three months of withdrawal of the student, the Security Deposit amount will be forfeited.
  • The School Office shall be informed, if the cheque is required to be sent by post. Generally, the school sends the cheques through ordinary post. However, if a parent wants his cheque by Registered Post he will have to deposit the registration amount with the Accounts Office in advance. The address must be written clearly on the withdrawal form.