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“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.” – Jack Kerouac

Message from Chairperson & Director of Somerville Schools

I recall the first day when I visited what was to be the site for our new school. There was a sense of excitement that a new venture always brings to those who have a dream of finding new pastures, who already see before them the images of that dream with the belief that their plans will reach fruition. Barren land lay all around us, a veritable wilderness. Unpaved roads or should I call them tracks greeted us with swirls of dust. Where were we?

In the distance, in the midst of the grassless acreage stood a single tree. It was pointed out as a landmark. That was our piece of land!

What followed is history. The land was blessed, the plans were passed, the foundation was dug, brick by brick the structure was built and then there she stood, Somerville School, Greater NOIDA, the first school in a brand new township awaiting its first students.

There were misgivings, who would want to come to what was still an unpopulated town so far from its closest neighbour, NOIDA? It was then that our faith was tested. We had taken the plunge with the conviction that what the Lord had guided us to do was right. What He had begun would be a success for He had been with us all the way.

The first little ones came to us in 1998. The first teachers all lived 25 kilometres away in NOIDA. It was a determined little band, a staff that worked with a will and slowly established themselves and gave their all to the importance of the task, forgetting the distance, forgetting the drawbacks and working with their students and their parents who had reposed their trust in us. The name of Somerville School encouraged parents who lived in NOIDA to send their three and four year-olds to this unknown far-away place. Bless them for their belief in us for it gave us the start we needed.

Today, Somerville School, Greater NOIDA, is a well-established, reputed institution that has made a name for itself. There are more than 2100 students and 103 teachers, 9 admin staff and 100 support staff. We have grown from strength to strength. Our Principal, Dr. Mary Thomas is a CBSE Awardee. Our teachers are committed and hardworking. Our students bring us accolades in academics as well as on the sports field, in the performing arts and in extra and co curricular activities. We are proud of them and those who train them.

My good wishes and prayers go out to the Principal, Staff, students and their parents. By the grace of God we have come thus far and shall continue to work hard and give of our best efforts to do our assigned tasks knowing that what was begun with the name of the Lord will prosper as He is our guiding light.