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Fee Rules

  • The school fees will only be accepted through Crossed Cheques (not in cash) along with the duly filled in Fee Booklets at the fee counter in the school premises.
  • The cheques are to be drawn in favour of 'Somerville School, Greater NOIDA'. Parents are advised to hand over the cheques only to the Accounts Staff.
  • Separate cheques are to be deposited for each student (with regard to the parents of more than one child).
  • The following details must be clearly mentioned at the back of each cheque :
    Name of the Student
    Class and Section
    Admission Number
    Months for which the fees are being paid
    Father's/Mother's Name
    Mobile number of the Parent
  • The school fees are collected in advance for a period of three months (quarterly) at a time as follows:
    April - June 2019 to be deposited by the 10th April 2019
    July - September 2019 to be deposited by the 10th July 2019
    October - Dec. 2019 to be deposited by the 10th October 2019
    January - March 2020 to be deposited by the 10th January 2020
    (Annual charges are to be paid in the month of April along with the fees for the April- June quarter)
  • If 10th of the fee month happens to be a holiday, fees will be accepted on the next working day.
  • If a parent fails to deposit the fees by the 10th of the concerned fee month, a late payment charge of Rs. 50/- will be levied from 11th to 20th and Rs. 200/- from 21st to 30th / 31st of the concerned fee month.
  • If the fees are not paid by the end of the concerned fee month, the name of the defaulter shall be struck off the rolls. Fresh admission will be at the sole discretion of the School Management. In such cases, parents will have to pay Rs. 2,000/- as Re-Admission Fee.
  • No tuition fees or bus fees will be refunded by the school authorities even if a student attends class for one day and is subsequently withdrawn from the school.
  • If the fee deposit booklet is lost, a fresh booklet can be obtained from the Accounts Office on payment of Rs. 50/-.
  • Bus fee is charged for eleven months in an academic year except for Class XII which is for 10 months. At least one calendar month's notice should be given for discontinuation of the bus facility or one month's bus fee should be deposited in lieu thereof.
  • The school office will remain open throughout the vacations except on Gazetted holidays and Second Saturdays.
  • Fees will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.