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  The departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Social Science are provided with fully-equipped independent laboratories to keep the students in touch with the latest developments. Our labs are a wonderful place for children to nurture their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests. They offer a conducive environment for the teaching learning process. ‘Learning by Doing" is the mantra on which these labs function.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab have fully equipped teaching stations at the front of the room. They can see instructional demonstrations before they conduct experiments themselves. Each Lab has a spacious work area and at a time 40 students can be involved in experimentation. All the labs are equipped with computers. Trained Lab assistants help in the maintenance of Labs.
Physics is a fundamental part of science. The most satisfying part of Physics is experimentation. Our Physics Laboratory provides ample opportunities to the students for ‘Learning by experimentation’. The laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipments.
  The Chemistry Laboratory plays an important part in allowing students to perform scientific experiments in the same way that professional scientists do. The School has a chemistry laboratory equipped with the latest state of the art apparatus and is well stocked with chemicals required for conducting practicals as per the CBSE guidelines.

Our Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with the proper equipment to perform effective experiments. The Laboratory has good quality glassware and chemicals. There are adequate arrangements to protect the safety of budding scientists. The emphasis is on giving ‘hands on experience’, to inculcate a habit of inquisitiveness and an opportunity to explore and give shape to new ideas. Here students learn about preparation methods, identification and estimation of chemical substances.
  A biologist always likes to be in the laboratory for internal joy, to satisfy his/her curiosity and to find the truth about the life around, be it animal, plant or a micro organism. To develop the same in our students, the Biology Laboratory is complete with all the equipments necessary. The students perform experiments and learn about the ‘wonder’ in every form of life. It is an amazing experience for them which they do not forget to share with others.

Our Biology Laboratory is provided with an artificial Eco-system i.e., an Aquarium. The laboratory has a large number of specimens of plants and animals. The prize possession of the Biology laboratory is its computerized microscope. The laboratory thus provides a perfect environment for the young enthusiasts who work in it.
  The school has two fully equipped Computer labs-the Senior and Junior Computer labs. Each child works independently on a computer. The machines and softwares are updated as and when new and better technology is available in the market.

Both the Laboratories are equipped with Audio and Video facility where dedicated systems are connected to a Television through PC-TV Converter.

The students of Classes III to V go to the Junior Computer Laboratory, where they learn and practice practically whatever has been taught in the class room.

The students of Classes VI to XII go to the Senior Computer Laboratory where they work ‘Hands on Practice’ on Computer basics, Presentations, Programming, Projects, Web Designing and Animations.
Senior Computer Lab
Junior Computer Lab
  A Mathematics Laboratory is a place where practical mathematical activities are carried out. It is akin to any other science laboratory. The laboratory is a novel concept which enables students to learn and explore mathematical co ncepts and verify facts and theorems. The Mathematics Laboratory is stocked with a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models, games, charts, CDs, books etc. useful for effective learning.

The laboratory and the aids enable the teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures and posters.

  In the age of globalization, our students are curious to know more about the location, job opportunities, lifestyle, and human development across the globe. Maps of various countries of the world and India in the Geography Laboratory quenches the thirst of the students to know the locational extent, and these are used to enhance the dimension of their graphical knowledge.

The equipments of Aerial Photography, Remote Sensing and GIS are helpful to introduce the new techniques in Geography among the students. The weather instruments play a vital role to create the interest of students about Weather Forecasting, Monsoon, Precipitation, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure and Winds. Models of the Interior of the Earth, Solar System and Volcanoes etc., encourages the creativity and imagination among the learners.

It is the ‘Geography Laboratory’ which supplements the knowledge about the Directions, Local Time, Standard Time, International Dateline, Map Projections, Latitudes and Longitudes through the various other instruments and provides a sound base to the subject.