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  To help students become aware of their duties towards the conservation of the environment, the school has initiated Gardening as an activity for Classes VI to X. A tree plantation drive was undertaken by each class wherein they planted saplings at the beginning of the year and the environment club made them aware of the different types of plants and briefed them on how to look after the plants well. They were encouraged not only to develop a good flower bed and a garden but were also taught to appreciate nature, enjoy gardening and be able to inspire others to join.


Herbal gardening is a small but a very important activity in our school. We have made students grow plants that have some important medicinal value like – Camphor, Tulsi, Aloe vera, Stevia etc. Some unique plants are also grown to teach children how to prepare herbal colours.

This small effort will definitely help the students to become eco friendly. They not only learn the use of these herbs themselves but also help to further convey it to their juniors.