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Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are an endeavor to explore new spectra of possibilities for our students. They are designed

  • To provide physical, mental, moral, aesthetic and spiritual welfare to the child.
  • To help the child discover and develop his special interests, aptitudes and abilities.
  • To create an opportunity for initiating and carrying out his own enterprises whenever possible.

Co-curricular activities complement the academic activities to provide the holistic welfare and development of the students.
  • Inter House Indian and Western Music Competition

    These competitions inculcate in the students, a sense of rhythm, harmony and unity in singing.

  • Inter House Dance Competition

    Dance is a wonderful medium of expressing one’s deep inner feeling and at the same time maintaining the discipline of the style. The element of competition encourages the children and brings out the best in them.

  • Inter House Rangoli,Vegetable Carving and Flower Arrangement Competition

    India is a country with multi faceted traditions and culture. There is also a vast diversity in these traditions. To continue in an endeavour to familiarize the students with the richness of our heritage and culture Rangoli and Flower Arrangement Competitions are held every year. Vegetable carving competition is also held every year to help the students to showcase their prowess and creativity in the kitchen.